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Hand-crochet is the traditional handicraft of Rushan, was reputed and well-known as"Oriental Treasure" Crochet art originates from ancient fishnet kitting. Afterward, it was developed to crochet children socks, headdress, tobacco pipe covers and such kind simple articles. Hand down through generations, women passed the skill on to their daughters and granddaughters in order to preserve tradition. Rushan women are gifted with richness of soul and sense of harmony and beauty. They pull all their imagination and vision into creating intricate crochet items, implementing a wealth of color. Now, inosculated crochet, embroidery, intarsia, embellish and all kind of craft skills in a whole, figure, landscape, flower, feather and other patterns, all can be crocheted. Crochet items are with comely pattern and strong third dimension, both have traditional artistic classicality and modern artistic luxuriant and elegance.

Evonor Co., Ltd provides Rushan women a way to turn their hobby into a profession. They all pass a series tests and training. In order to work in Evonor, they must show not only skill, but also inner beauty and appreciation for tradition.

The process of creating a new design is a long one, many times it has to be crocheted again and again until the best combination of stitches and patterns is achieved. Also, new patterns and stitches invented, which are later used in the new designs. This is something out of reach for an amateur crocheter.

This magical crochet world is not only beautiful. It preserves tradition, plays on the imagination, declares a revolution in crocheted fashion. It goes to prove that even though it is thousands of years old, this traditional craft is ever improving. And, through all this time, hand-crochet has moved from being a means of livelihood to being a supreme form of art, exceeding all expectations in both Arts and crafts.
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