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  Description: V neck short sleeve cardigan placket w/twill tape and 6 button Style DSC02848
Fabric: 60% COTTON 40% ACRYLIC
Weight: 474g
  Description: V neck long sleeve cardigan w/pocket and button Style DSC02847
Fabric: 60% COTTON 40% ACRYLIC
Weight: 588g
  Description: V neck 3/4 sleeve cardigan w/pocket and belt Style DSC02849
Fabric: 60% COTTON 40% ACRYLIC
Weight: 474
  Description: V neck sleeveless vest pullover Style DSC02846
Fabric: 50% WOOL 50%ACRYLIC  Weight: 400g
  Description: Lapel neck with fake fur long sleeve cardigan w/ pocket and button  Style DSC02844
Fabric:49%WOOL 30%ACRYLIC 21% ALPACA  Weight: 505g
  Description: Cape pullover Style DSC02842
Fabric: 49%WOOL 40%ACRYLIC 11%NYLON  Weight: 242g
  Description: Cape pullover Style DSC02841
Fabric: 100% ACRYLIC MOHAIR YARN  Weight: 305g  
  Description: Shawl collar sleeveless cardigan w/belt and button Style DSC02839 Fabric:49%ACRYLIC 37%COTTON 10% ALPACA 1%SPANDEX  Weight: 500g  
  Description: V neck w/hat bat-wing sleeve cardigan Style DSC02838 Fabric:75%ACRYLIC
25%WOOL Weight: 505g
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